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For You & Only You- [Sakujunba] Part 2/2


Author: saaurus
Genre: Romance/ Angst/ Fluff
Pairing: Sakujunba/ Sakuraiba/ Junba
Raiting: PG-13
Length: 4,500+ words
Beta: arashikuro (<3 ~!)

Summary: Sho imagined threesomes being a little different, especially when one of them was feeling a little left out.

A/N: Thanks for waiting! Here is the finally part! Thanks again to ohmiya3104 for her lovely ideas. Enjoy~!

PART 2: Only You

Sho found himself hesitating over calling Masaki for lunch the next day. Clearly, he was still mad with him, after ignoring all of his texts the previous night, and it seemed Masaki was still relentless to his arguments, but Sho was not planning to distance himself from him. Sho was ready to apologize if it only meant seeing his boyfriend again. With a course of a single night, Sho missed him crazily, and due to the circumstances of their last talk, he needed to make amends with Masaki. He needed to make sure he was not crying anymore and comfort him any way possible. And for that, Sho needed to take back all he had said about Jun.

In Sho’s mind, the image of Masaki walking out the café replayed in his mind endlessly and he felt he couldn’t forgive himself for making Masaki feel such way. Fighting over such things with Masaki just to feel the remorse that clenched his heart, was not worth it, not even for the most valuable reasons. After all, there was no reason to feel jealousy if Masaki was not with him.

Sho decided to make way in his busy schedule to go out to lunch. He phoned Masaki several times on his way to the café, but never got his calls answered. There was no way of knowing where he could be for he hadn’t answered his texts either.

Sho stopped just across the street from the café, looking at his phone defeated. He had never imagined Masaki could hold a grudge for so long and it worried him to think this had hurt him more than what he imagined.

“No”, Sho said to himself. “One last call. He’ll answer. He must.”

Sho dialed the number for a sixth time and waited, his eyes fixed on the café at the other side, watching customers walk in and out in couples, suddenly captured by a solitary man exiting the café. Sho couldn’t quite see him now from the crowds walking by the sidewalks, obstructing his sight, but the man was searching for something in his pockets before he took out his phone.

Sho could see clearly now that it was Masaki. He was there at the café, probably waiting for him to come, hopeful to see him again. Sho couldn’t suppress the smile that drew in his lips, his heart beat increasing from seeing him again. An overwhelming happiness took over him just knowing he was okay, and Sho couldn’t believe how happy Masaki made him.

Sho was ready to call out his name, scream it to the top of his lungs for him to notice him, but his voice held back, the words suddenly stolen from his tongue when he noticed Masaki was not alone.

Jun walked out of the café, joining Aiba by the sidewalk, noticing the latter’s distraction over his ringing phone which he still hesitated over answering. Instead, Jun grabbed the phone from Aiba’s hand and hung up on his caller before putting the phone away inside Masaki’s pocket. The two walked away from the scene, or more likely, Jun dragged Masaki down the sidewalk, his hand rummaging on Aiba’s back.

Sho couldn’t move. His sight was still fixed on the couple walking further away, Masaki slipping from his reach as he allowed it to happen. Even if his mind kept doubting it, telling him to follow them and prove himself wrong, in his heart he already knew the answer; they were gone and he had lost Masaki.


“I gotta admit, it’s kind of rare getting a call from you to go drinking so late at night.” Said Ninomiya to Sakurai just beside his stool. “Usually, you’re too busy to go out and do anything other than work.”

The man beside Ninomiya didn’t seem too attentive to his chatter. He kept staring blankly at his glass, not even taking another drink from it. Nino had known something was wrong with him since the moment he heard him through the phone to invite him out, but he didn’t think it would be as bad as the lump next to him.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Asked Nino. He was being patient with Sho but in truth, he wasn’t planning to drink that night and he already was on his second beer.

Sho sighed, finally coming back to his senses. “I’m sorry. I called you so late without thinking. You must be tired and I’m just wasting your time.”

“No, that’s okay. Ohno should still be sleeping, so as long as he doesn’t notice I’m gone, it’s fine.”

Sho nodded appreciatively to Nino, not knowing what else to say or where he should even start.
“I sort of envy you, Nino. The way you’re so honest and straightforward, I don’t think anyone can take that away from you.”

Kazunari chuckled into his drink. “Well… It’s not really how you make it sound.”

“But it is… and it makes you strong. At least stronger than me.”

“Why do you think that?” Asked Nino.

“Every time I try to be honest with what I think it feels like… I’m hurting Masaki even more. I even try hiding him from the truth but, it only ends even worse.”

“This is about Aiba?”

Sho nodded.

“What happened?”

Sho hesitated on his words, not knowing how much he should tell him.

“I… saw Masaki with Jun.”

“Eeeh!?” Nino was shocked. “But, what do you mean ‘with Jun’? Where they together as in going out together or… in bed?”

“N-No, I… I don’t know.” Sho hid his face in his hands as Nino watched him concerned. “I just… I asked too much from him, in the end… I even lost myself. I was too selfish, trying to justify my issues when he was right all along. I was just jealous of Jun and how easy it is for them to get along. Jun can actually please him and… I just knew right from the start that if they got too close, I would lose him. But Aiba couldn’t listen. He is too good to think that way of Jun. It’s not like him to think badly about anyone, especially one of us. We’ve been together for so many years, there is no way we can betray each other like that. Perhaps I’ve been doing it all along and Masaki is sick of me for it. Because I can’t let go of my issues. And now… he is with Jun...”

“That is not like Masaki.”

Sho raised his head to the one beside him.

“If it is just as you said, if you truly know Masaki, he would never do that. Especially not to you.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Aiba would never tire of you. No matter what, he would never quit out from anything. If he was feeling upset with you and whatever your problem is with Jun, he would try to solve it straight away. But being with Matsumoto as a way to vent it out on you, never.”

Sho looked down at his hands, not knowing what to think out of the other’s words.

“Sho…” Nino made him look at him this time. “Aiba loves you. He truly loves you, and he’ll do anything for you. No one can take that away from him.”

Ninomiya’s words had reminded Sho of something he hear Aiba say not long before.

“I’ll do anything you ask from me, Sho” and even after Aiba had assured him of it, Sho had only taken him for granted. He had never really noticed the meaning behind his intentions, his true love hidden in those same words.

Sho lower his head, feeling his eyes tearing up.

“Damn it… why am I so stupid?”

“Hey, it’s not all the time. Don’t beat yourself up because of it.”

“Nino... thank you… really.”

The other shrugged his gratitude off, a small grin curling in his lips.

“You really did the right thing from the start.” Said Sho.

“…How so?” Nino took a drink from his beer.

“When you told Jun you wouldn’t have the threesome and stayed loyal to yourself. As for me… I got too carried away…”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… I was really curious and apparently very horny. I wasn’t thinking about Masaki. But you put Ohno before everything and it saved you from a hell of a mess.”

Nino frowned. “No? I meant, what do you mean I told Jun?”

Sho looked at the younger. “When Jun asked you for a threesome. He came to you, no?”

Nino could only stare at Sho. “Threesome? Jun asked me for a threesome?”

“Yes, he told me he talked to you.”

Nino looked very pensive. “No… I don’t think so.”

“But Jun said-“

“Sho…” Nino made the other look at him. “I think I would have remembered if he asked me something like that.”

Sho was trying to think through Nino’s words when a phone ring interrupted. Nino took out his phone to read the incoming text.

“It’s from Ohno. He woke up, I should get going.” Nino finished his drink with a last shot before gathering his things as sharing a last farewell with Sho.

Although he had encouraged him as much as he could, Sho still appeared to be lost in thought right before he left. As if he had realized something that was not there before.


The next morning, Sho was standing at Masaki’s doorstep. He knocked on the door, hoping the later would be awake to receive him. If not, he always knew where he could search for his hidden key. He waited for several seconds before knocking again.

“Masaki… It’s me, please. I need to see you.”

After knocking for a third time and trying to listen to any movement inside, Sho was decided to look for the hidden key. That was when he heard something unlock and the doorknob turned. The door opened quietly, almost hesitantly. Sho tried peeking in to find Masaki from his hiding spot behind the door, but he was not there. It was not him.

“Sho…” Said Jun, in surprised, or at least pretending.

“What are you doing here…?”

“Sho… now’s not a good time-“

“What the hell are you doing in my boyfriend’s house?”

“Please, listen-“

“What the hell are you doing here?” Sho threatened Jun.

The latter only looked at Sho unshaken.

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

Sho couldn’t emit a word, not letting the thought cross his mind. It couldn’t be. Masaki would never…

“Look… this is not a good time, so let’s not complicate things.”

“Where is Masaki?” Asked Sho.

“Maybe you should call him later.”

“Where. Is. Masaki?” Sho insisted with clenched teeth and his hands turned to fists.

“He doesn’t want to see you right now, Sho. Please… give him some space. You’ve been suffocating him enough.”

“You’re lying.” Sho’s voice was breaking.

“Would I be here if I was?”

Sho looked down trying to fight back the tears that pooled in his eyes. He had become so weak, he had no words to fight back. He had no way of trying to prove Jun wrong. Masaki… his Masaki… Why would he do this?

“I suggest you go.” Said Jun to Sho who was succeeding little in hiding his tears.

There was nothing more to say, so not a minute later, Jun closed the door between them. Jun waited by the door, listening to Sho by the other side until he found the courage to walk away, his steps slowly decreasing until he couldn’t hear them anymore.

Jun sighed before being startled by the sound of another door behind him.

“Who was it?” This time, it was the only person he wanted to see. Aiba was walking out of the bathroom fully clothed, with his hair soaked and a small towel hanging around his neck.

“Ah… Nothing. Someone got lost, that’s all.”

“Oh…” Masaki looked disappointed. He didn’t know himself what he was expecting but, it had been so much time since he had last seen him…

“Was your bath okay?” Jun made Masaki snap back to his senses.

“Oh… yes. It was. Sorry I took so long.” Said Aiba, while Jun was thankful he did. “I should finish getting ready, I bet you’re hungry too. I can’t believe I over slept,”

“Aiba?” Jun walked closer to the older who was starting to get hectic. “Why don’t we stay in for a while?” suggested Jun. He didn’t want them to bump into Sho either.

“O-Oh… Okay. What do you suggest?” asked Aiba.

Jun smiled at him, grabbing his arms tenderly and guiding him to take a seat by the sofa with him. His eyes never parted Aiba’s, lost in his as he had done that only night they were together.

“Your hair looks cute like that.” Jun said sincerely.

“Really? You like it? It’s all wet though…” said Aiba, pulling on his own hair in attempt to see it.

Jun’s hands brushed the hair out of his eyes, catching Aiba’s attention with an enchanting smile.

“I really… like it.” Jun’s hand traced on Masaki’s cheek, his thumb brushing on the latter as he slowly shortens their distance.

Masaki couldn’t acknowledge what was happening until he felt a pair of hot lips brushing against his. The kiss was small and slow, enough to taste and feel once again those lips he had taken for the first time that one lustful night.

For a second, Masaki responded to his moves mostly out of reflex, thinking it would only be out of good manners, but he drew away from him once Jun asked for permission to deepen the kiss.

“Um, Jun… We shouldn’t be doing this without Sho.” Masaki was flushed from the lustful look he received from the other.

“He is not here right now, he would only make us wait. Besides, I don’t have much time before I go. So… this would have to do for now.” Jun pulled him into a kiss, capturing Masaki’s lips this time with much more desire, making Masaki lose himself in it. Jun wanted to take away his every worry, his every thought, until the only thing left in his mind was how much he craved his touch.

Masaki’s hands rested over Jun’s chest, when he slightly pushed the latter away from him, breaking the heated kiss that had left him with ragged breath.

“I… don’t know. It doesn’t seem right… Sho should be here too. Beside… I don’t think I could ever please you such way…”

“Masaki…” said Jun, surprising the other by the sound of his first name. Usually, there was only one person who would call him by his first name. “…You’re perfect.” Jun’s eyes stared into his deeply with a smile that warmed every inch of his body. “You’re beautiful. Your body, your smile, your eyes, everything… You make me feel so right, so hot… I could never ask for more.” Jun captured Masaki’s lips once again, demonstrating just how much his words meant by kissing him deeply and passionately. Jun hand rested on Masaki’s hip while the other rested on his neck pulling him closer, only allowing him to break away to catch his breath.

Jun wanted more, more of his touch, more of his taste, yet at the same time he felt he couldn’t hold it back much longer. His heart kept drumming in his chest so painfully, he wanted to lose control. Masaki was everything he craved, he was everything he wanted. Nothing could take this feeling away from him.

“I love you…”

Aiba stopped all at once, his lips froze in place while his eyes shoot right open, realizing just what he was doing. His lips parted from Jun’s abruptly as he looked at Jun with wide eyes. For a second the other hadn’t realize the distance he had made between them, as he still craved for his touch, but he was surprised to find Masaki had back away from him, startled by the sound of his words.

“…What?” Aiba said in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Nerves ran down Jun’s spine as he realized what had escaped his lips. His eyes darted away from Aiba’s trying to find some way to hide what he had said.


“I-It was nothing! I swear, I… I didn’t mean to…”

“Jun…” Aiba made him look back at him, only to find the hurt in his eyes. “Why would you say something like that?”

“I-I don’t know… I- “

“How could you say that? Jun… I thought…”

“It was not my intention! I’m sorry… I-It was so stupid of me...”

Aiba sighed, his face hiding in his palms as he wiped something from his eyes. Jun’s heart ripped apart as he watches the man before him.

“Please…” Aiba’s muffled voice said through his hands. “… go away.”


“Please…” Masaki lowered his hands from his face, only to look at the other straightly, allowing him to see the tear that had pooled in his eyes and began to stream. Masaki had no words for him, only a single head shake, enough to make Jun’s world crumble down.

There was nothing he could say or do that could change it now. He couldn’t even look at Masaki again, knowing he would only be torturing himself if he allowed himself to see the pain in his expression. He was hopeless and out of place. How stupid of him. How could he have ever destroyed everything such way? How could he ever let himself get so carried away? When he almost had it…

Jun got on his feet, escaping from that place before his tears would overwhelm him. He couldn’t look at Aiba, he was scared, afraid that he had ruined everything he ever hoped for, and only for feeling love for the first time in so long. He left, closing the door loudly behind him.

Once alone, Aiba allowed his tears to come out, this time because of his recklessness. Sho was right, he had always been right, but he never allowed himself to listen to him. He felt so lost, so empty, imagining how much he had hurt him. How could he do this to him? How could he betray him such way? Sho… He needed him, although perhaps he had realized it too late, he needed to see him. He craved for him, and only him. He was the only person he ever really needed. He was the only one he could ever love.


Sho received Masaki’s text to meet him at the usual place that same day in the afternoon, making him drop whatever worthless thing he was doing to sprint out to the café. Even when he had looked inside the glassed walls of the place, he found him, sitting in their favorite spot of the place. He ran inside, surprising Masaki when he presented himself in front of him, all sweaty and disheveled, his breath ragged from all the running. Masaki showed himself worried to find him in this state, but Sho only regretted not getting there any faster. The joy of seeing him again overwhelmed him, wishing he could do so many things to him right then and there. But he relented his thoughts to take a seat across from him knowing there were far more things he needed to say to him.

“Masaki, I- “

“Let me go first.” Aiba interrupted him, before Sho would take his words back. “Lately, I… I’ve been so stupid, trying to do things my own way when I was only drawing you back… I’m so sorry that I hurt you, I didn’t even pick up your calls, and it’s my fault.” Aiba’s voice began to break. “And I blamed you, I said something horrible to you when I never meant to. But now I know you were only preventing me from doing something stupid, but I never listened and… I’m such an idiot…” Masaki lowered his head, his tears falling freely.

Sho took his hands in his, trying to sooth his crying. “Masaki… what happened?” said Sho, afraid to know why Aiba would blame himself such way, knowing something must have gone wrong.

“Sho… I never meant to…” Aiba started, his remaining hand drying his tears, trying to collect himself before he would speak. “I thought I was helping Jun… just like you wanted… but then he said he loved me…”

Sho’s body stiffen with the sound of Masaki’s words. He held back his breath, scared to hear any further.

“But I couldn’t… I couldn’t go on… He just kept kissing me but I stopped him. I couldn’t even look at him. I felt so terrible. I was so mad at myself… I should have listened to you, Sho. I should have known better. I can’t believe how foolish I was.”

“Masaki…” Sho tighten his grip on Aiba’s hand before he would break in tears again. “You don’t have to blame yourself for anything. This… all of this was my fault. It was not right for me to put you in such situation. Jun lied to me, and he got to you because of me. I should have known better. I should have said no, I should have stopped it before it happened but I was so selfish… You can’t believe how horrible it felt not being with you, knowing you were with him. I realized… I know now just how much I need you. And if only I could realize it sooner, I wouldn’t have left any of this to happen. I’m so sorry, I… What kind of a boyfriend am I…?”

“You are my boyfriend.” Said Masaki, a smile pursed in his lips, trying to hold back his tears, these one filled with happiness. “You are my Sho. You’re… the only one I love.”

Sho felt his heart racing, his eyes shining as he eased with Masaki’s words. For so long, he had been waiting to tell him about his true feelings, he had never expected to be the one receiving them. His tears started streaming making him feel like the foolish one. He dried his eyes with his sleeves, but every time he looked back at Aiba who kept smiling at his reaction, his eyes would water again. He couldn’t believe how happy he made him. He truly, truly loved him.


A week after Jun had returned from his filming in Kyushu, he was surprised to find a text from Sakurai along with an invitation to meet with them in the café he had once visited with Aiba. The thought of facing them had put a tight knot in his stomach, especially because he had no idea of how to face Aiba and he was clueless of what Sho was capable of doing. He was ready to ignore the message when he received yet another one. This time it was from Aiba’s number and a simple ‘Please come’ was written from him.

He still had no idea of what to think out of Sho’s message but this one, he could put a little thought into. There must be a reason for his insistence and he didn’t want to let him down again.

And he was there that day, sitting across Sho and Aiba inside the cafe, although he had still not found the courage to look at either of them straight to the eyes.

Initially, and before they would start to speak, Matsumoto took the opportunity to bow his back to them.

“I’m terribly sorry for what I have done.” the younger said with a firm tone as the men before him only looked on. Matsumoto collected himself, biting on his lower lip restraining a sudden urge to well up. “I’m sorry. I don’t think you can forgive me but… I just wanted to let you know… I truly regret what I’ve done. If it weren’t for my envy, I wouldn’t have hurt you as much as I did. It was very selfish of me... to think I could have my way… I don’t know what I was thinking… I…”

“Jun…” Masaki’s smooth voice called for the younger, choked in his tears. ““I forgive you,” he said without hesitation. “But…if you don’t mind… I would like to stay with Sho.”

Jun’s teary eyes only glared at him momentarily before nodding to his condition, making Aiba smile fondly.

“Matsumoto, I do forgive you, even more now that you’ve admit things yourself. I know you didn’t mean any harm to Masaki, and for that, I’m thankful. Just… don’t do it again, okay?”

“I won’t. I swear, I won’t.” Jun repeated bowing his head again for Sho.

Masaki couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriend, knowing it had taken a lot of strength for him to say does things, but he had managed to convince the other it was better to forgive him once and for all and not let anything stand in their way. Now he could see how Sho was going to to let go of his issues and accept him back as a friend.


“Say… can we do something different?” Asked Aiba after the three of them had already stepped out of the café. Sho and Jun looked at him questioningly. “I think you two should make up.” He said, making his boyfriend frown.

“Masaki, we already did that.”

“No, I meant, I want you two to make up the other way.”

“Eh!?” both Jun and Sho reacted in unison, looking back at each other simultaneously.

Aiba scoffed at both. “We were in a threesome together and you can’t even kiss?”

“Masaki, that was… different.” Said Sho, clearly uncomfortable with his suggestion.

“Sho, we talked about this! We all know how much you wanted that threesome and you never got your chance with Jun, so you better stop complaining.” Aiba’s point was clear enough to leave Sho blushing, his eyes trying to escape from Jun’s who now had a smug smirk drawn in his lips. He was going to make Aiba pay for this later.

“We don’t really have to do this…” said Sho trying to talk some sense into Aiba.

“But you promised! And I don’t see Matsujun complaining.” Aiba crossed his arms bringing the younger forward.

Jun looked at both men, his cheeks reddening. “Actually, I don’t think that’ll be necessary.”

“Oh, come one, you two! You can do better than that!” said Aiba, not quite pleased with their stalling, but he knew if he wanted something done, he had to do it himself.

Before Sho could stop him, Aiba was standing behind him, pushing on his back towards the younger, his strength enough to break Sho’s stance and topple him over Jun’s arms, who in attempt to not let him fall, miscalculated how close their faces had come with each other. In consequence, their lips came clashing together in a quick peck.

Both men groaned painfully covering their mouths, Aiba’s idea of a kiss resulting in their teeth colliding with each other.

Aiba could only laugh at the two who kept checking their hands for any spill of blood from their mouths. “Now we’re even!”

A/N: The end!!! Thanks for reading! And once again thanks to ohmiya3104 for coming up with this idea! And also, I know you wanted a little blood in the end so there you go! I really appreciate your comments! <3 See ya next time!

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